Why PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Became So Popular

A New Gem among First Person Multiplayer Shooters

In March 2017, the Bluehole Gaming Studio released a new multiplayer online action game available for Microsoft Windows on Steam. The game, intriguingly called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, had quite an impact on the online gaming community and, four months later, it had been sold over six million copies worldwide. Statistics show that the game’s popularity and sales continue to increase in a constant ascendant trend. Thus, Bluehole is already working on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds release for Xbox One, due by the end of 2017, as well as one for PlayStation, a little later on.

But what exactly is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and what makes it so appealing to millions of gamers all over the world?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Genesis and Gameplay

This very interesting online action game was created and developed by Brendan Greene, also known online by his handle PlayerUnknown. Greene had previously worked on several game mods, using the cult-classic movie Battle Royale as a source of inspiration, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an expansion of these previous projects into a single action game.

In Battlegrounds, 100 players are parachuted onto an 8x8 Km map, and right from the beginning, players have to use strategic thinking in order to determine the best moment to parachute themselves out of the plane. They have no gear at all and the moment they hit the ground, the hunt for weapons, equipment, armor, clothing, and vehicles begins. Items are systematically dispatched on the map at the beginning of each match and better quality equipment is strategically placed in high-risk zones. Besides this, the entire area shrinks down every now and then in a random zone of the map, forcing players in that area to approach each other and subsequently fight. Also, during the course of each match, random parts of the map will be marked as red and bombed a few minutes after. Players are being warned in advance about it and those who will still be caught in one of these explosions can suffer severe damage or die. At the end of each round, the players that survive will earn game currency according to how many other players they have killed, how long they have survived, and how much damage they have inflicted.

Advantages, Disadvantages, and Impact of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Having registered a record number of sales right from its release and constantly growing from that point on, Battlegrounds is currently the most played and appreciated survival player-vs-player online game out there. Over 7 million players are actively engaged in its gameplay and the numbers keep growing. Strangely enough, both the advantages offered by the gameplay as well as the disadvantages have worked in the game’s favor and increased its popularity. Most players agree that the Pros’ and Cons’ of Battlegrounds are hard to distinguish as they all work both ways. The innovations brought by the gameplay, from the airdrop and the gathering resources part down to the actual player to player combat, always push participants to think and find the best possible strategy. Yet these are also the factors making the gameplay harder and working against each player. The narrowing of the map forces players to be actively engaged and prepared at any time yet also endangers their survival.

Overall, PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds offers one of the most innovative and thrilling online player-to-player gaming experiences, and being constantly updated and improved, it is most likely to maintain its top position among the best survival action games out there.